A Ritual ending | To new beginnings

Thursday 31st of December 2020
09:30 – 11:00 am
Let’s get together on the last day of 2020, A ritual ending to new beginnings!
Guided with channeled information of the spirits by Malou.
Guided with the breath & deep consciousness by Lo Hermsen from Inner Journeys.

  • A ritual of letting go & gratitude for the old year 2020
  • Feeling the new curious flow of the new year 2021
  • Setting intentions on the existing energy on Earth

Participation on a donation basis and what we receive, we donate to ‘Witte Tara’.
A fund for tantrikas who can participate with financial support in the wonderful programs of the ‘Centrum voor Tantra’. So appropriate, because we met each other during the year training, which has contributed to our growth in so many layers, life-changing, deepening and connecting.
A gift that we wish everyone.

Paypal or Tikkie

Feel welcome to join!
Please arrive before 09:25 so you can make a comfortable spot for yourself.
Out of safety & privacy Zoom will let you in the waiting room first, before you can enter the group.
We will close the group at 09:30 am, so we can start without interruption.

Link online meditation:

Zoom meditation