Direct channeler of light frequencies

When all is quiet, I can truly hear you


My name is Malou Tan and I am a guides translator and spirit channeler. I give direct-channeling sessions all around the world that are based on my clairaudience. This is the ability to hear and see light vibrations which translates to information. This can occur through actual words or through metaphoric images translated from the available frequencies. Everyone has a multidimensional field. This field contains information of our desires, needs, soul contracts in this life and parallel lives.

Sometimes people, especially when they are in a transformative period in their life, have a lot of questions about there life path. By tuning in and connecting to the lightfield, I can help you communicate with your personal light vibrations. This will give you insights in what is going on inside you and help you understand your inner struggles better. This can help you to find your own path in life or situation that suits you best.

On some occasions it can be a lot of information to relay all at once, therefor it’s possible to record your session on your phone, so you can listen back to the channeling in your own time. Sometimes the messages are very accurate and other times more abstract. After the channeling, I advice you to take some time with yourself to integrate what you received. Some channelings focus on a longer period of your life and can even still be relevant years later.

A channeling session is provided in Dutch or English. If you would like to know more about a session with me, please feel free to contact me through my contact page.
Waitinglist +/- two months.


Good to know:

  • Our field of information always intends the best for us. Sometimes the channeling can be comforting and reassuring, other times it can be confronting. In any case, the information will nudge you in the right direction. Always follow your own resonance.
  • At times, the information that is provided in a session can be a lot to digest all at once and some parts may not immediately resonate for you in the moment. Always rest assured that this is exactly as it needs to be; often the insights will come to you as you move further along your path.
  • Feel free to bring your questions.


A Live online one-on-one channeling session contains:

– 30 min check-in with the guides before you arrive (Malou)
– 15 minutes introduction
– 45 minutes of channeling




Malou created such a safe space for our session. With clear, grounded, heart-centered energy she opened the space for the channeling to begin. Fear dissipates and what opened was a flow of wisdom beyond mental comprehension. All of the insights poured through like clear pristine water through my spine and calmed any previous nerves I had with opening myself to this channeling. Everything resonated deeply through the layers of what I was in conflict with, without Malou even knowing these aspects of my life. I felt affirmed with clarity and comforted by the invisible threads that are supporting my life from above. It is a true gift to have a session with Malou, I highly recommend these channeling sessions for anyone!



A channeling session by Malou with someone who’s started to dip his toe in the spiritual world. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I rang the doorbell and brought a mild dosis of scepticism with me. Malou instantly surprised me with her down to earth attitude and super open and warm mentality, inviting me into her own home for the channeling session and providing a soothing ambiance.
A short introduction followed, covering some topics Malou encountered from her earlier check-in, which made me very curious of what would follow.
Words honestly fall short to describe the following 45 minutes.
If anything it felt as if some invisible puzzle pieces that are still to be placed were presented to me to contemplate over. The topics touched upon and offered to me were on a deeply personal level and provided clarity and guidance, encouraging an open vision of what’s to come and can be. A truly remarkable experience, and one that I feel deeply grateful for.



Malou is one of the most gifted channels I have ever worked with. She’s kind, loving, and compassionate. She was able to hear my guides very clearly and they had so much to say. She was very gentle in her approach, asking me whether I was ok to hear about shadow work that needed to be done. I really appreciated that. There was so much packed into our session that I still listen to it sometimes and receive even more information from it. If you want a reading that will get down to the nitty gritty of what you are needing to work on, then I highly recommend a reading with Malou. She’s the kind of channel you go to when you want to hear the truth. It was like having my guides speak directly to me, which is what we need sometimes to confirm what we may already know in our hearts. I can’t recommend her highly enough.



It took me a while to find the right words, and maybe words aren’t enough to describe what Malou’s channeling has done to me. When I got to a point in my life when I needed a change, a session with her was one thing I had to do. The environment, the atmosphere but above all the positive and sweet appearance of Malou draw you into a world of true authenticity. There you are confronted with yourself, with pain, but also with a lot of warmth and love. It took a few months to give everything a place and I am still not there. Yet I have already managed to take off excess ballast. To start with a healthier lifestyle, nutrition and finding peace in my head. And I know this is just the beginning. What more can I say if; Malou thank you for your wisdom, warmth and love.



In the beginning of this year, I gifted myself a reading with Malou because I felt like I needed some guidance in some major areas in my life. The reading was beyond beautiful and exactly what I needed to regain trust in myself and align with my soul’s path. I got to know myself on a deeper level and the energy that Malou channeled felt resonant and expansive at the same time. The energy that came through was much bigger than ‘just a reading’, it really was an activation on soul level. I’ve been listening to the reading multiple times now and everytime I listen to it I am able to tap into the energy of trust and expansion again. It feels like coming home to myself, but also being able to tap into the potential of my soul’s path. Thank you for doing this work Malou. I’m deeply grateful.



Looking back on the channeling I received by Malou I feel like for me it was a turning point in my life. The way Malou was able to relay the messages that came through was very helpful. Even though the messages shocked me sometimes she was also able to help me receive them. I think her enthousiasm for spiritual / personal growth shines through the channeling. Also translating the words that come through to something I can understand is a gift of hers. For me the time and energy that Malou takes is something to be more than grateful for! I was able to record my channeling and I am confident that I can listen back to it the coming years as reminders of who I am and where I am. My dad listened to my recording and was so blown away that he scheduled an appointment with Malou, and so did my brother! So I wish to thank Malou and the spirits around us for helping me / us through this journey!



‘Where do I start!? I visited Malou being probably the biggest skeptic on earth, I didn’t go in with any expectations but I came out with a heart full of love and so many insights into my life. It was the most incredible hour, I honestly struggle to put what I experienced into words but if I can say anything besides how warm and safe it feels with Malou in her home that I would encourage ANYONE to do this. Take the leap, even if you’re a skeptic like I was!’



My first impression of Malou felt really good. I am a person that is very high sensitive to what other people radiate, so i can feel it when people are developed in there inner healing proces. Which Is, in my opinion, kind of needed to truly help other people. What I saw in Malou’s eyes was enlightenment. So i felt comfortable immediately. The energy of the house, where I had my channeling, was sereen and light. Something that is very important for me, because only then I can be vulnerable to open myself up. During the channeling I felt only truth of the things she spoke of. She knew things I had forgotten or things that were important that I had not think of. Not one moment I felt floaty. Everything Malou said felt like truth for me. This is the most important thing for me within spirituality. I might be a high sensitive person and spiritual, but I also like my feet on the ground. Malou is the perfect combination of being on the ground and still being spiritual. Because of all these things I was being able to open up and make a process within myself. She really helped me to move forward. I would recommend this channeling to everyone who is in need of inner clarity. It did a lot for me.



Malou is an amazingly gifted channeler and healer. I have had the pleasure of having two sessions with her in the last year and both were very clear, spot on and healing. Her strong integrity and powerful skills were tangible from the moment I began my session with her. Due to covid we were unable to meet in person, but it did not make the impact of the sessions any less. The way in which she has channeled my spirit guides and connected with me through the sessions has touched me and helped me in a process of growing and healing in life. Her gift is truly something I am grateful to have been touched by. Would highly recommend to connect with her.



Dear Malou, thank you so much for the translation you gave to me of the advice my personal spiritual guide and also another guide had for me. What was very nice is that you helped me to relax in the beginning, because I was a bit tensed. I felt soon at ease. You were clear and direct about everything what happened and was told to you. What I liked a lot were the practical advises what I can do, with what was told, in my daily life. And that works and helps! It feels as if a seed is planted. I smell it, I taste it, I have fantasies about it. Sometimes it feels scary, sometimes it feels as a big inspiration. Thanks for your clearity, integrity and enthousiasm. I can fully recommend you to my friends and family. In fact, I already did.



Malou’s channeling was a great experience. She made contact with two guides, one guides me in this world and the other guides me during a life on a parallel world. Compared to other readings I received, this one was very clear. It came out as a natural flow where everything that needed to be said also came along. I found everything that came up very recognizable. I know where I am now and have a clear direction on how to continue on my spiritual path. During the channeling, Malou also mentioned some activities that could help me in the awakening process. After the channeling Malou placed three more Tarot cards, supplemented with 2 crystals. Again very concise what it is about for me. I can heartily recommend a channeling at Malou Tan to anyone.



I entered the channeling sessions without any expectations. When we started, I noticed I was a bit nervous and tired. Malou was able to calm me down a bit at the beginning of the session. It was an emotional experience and there was a lot of recognition and truth in what she shared. After the sessions I was very tired, so I distanced myself a bit from everything she shared. A few days later I felt rested and listened to the channeling again. I noticed Malou is a very positive and lively person. She believes in my strengths and was motivating and inspiring me to believe in myself and who I really am. At first I found it a bit abstract, but after the second listen, it all made a lot of sense. Malou is a conscientious person, she takes her works seriously and is well prepared, but at the same time she manages to mix that with some humor and lightheartedness. I’m happy I experienced it, because it gave me some very valuable insights and ideas for the future. Thank you Malou, your intuition and energy is a gift!



How special to see that hidden elements can slowly unfold…..a difficult part in my life that I thought I would never get figured out, is now highlighted. I don’t know how big it will be yet. Malou and my guides gave me the courage and confidence to get started on this new part of life. I got exactly what I needed to say YES from the inside. Now with a ‘yes’ from the mind, soon also with a ‘yes’ from my heart and belly. Thank you Malou for the wonderful work that only you can do in this loving, clear way. I wish everyone a channeling with their guides through Malou. 



Malou has a very warm, soft and welcoming energy. I felt welcome as I really am. When she started channeling my guides a lot of pieces fell into place, it was so spot on what she said! I now know better what I really want to do with my life and how I can get there. I also learned a lot from my guides through Malou about how I can best deal with myself, for example when I experience a lot of inner darkness. Malou’s channeling session has put me more on track. 



The channeling of Malou has been extremely valuable to me, so sincere, beautiful, fine words of the guides and spirits. My heart jumps after the channeling with a tear, a big smile, in my strength and light and wants to open completely. Thank you ❤ Malou!



I have experienced Malou as an honest, humorous and affectionate woman who is so clear in channeling the messages of my guides. The channeling has given me many insights and tools to get started with my own process. A must-do once in your life, it is a great gift to yourself!



The channeling session with Malou was such a remarkable gift and one for which I am very grateful. Malou is a warm, open and loving personality. She absolutely is a fantastic channeler. Words honestly fall short to describe the session. She translated the messages of my spirits so clearly; it made a deep impact on me. That which needed to be touched, has been touched. It was so spot on, so clear, so touching. That truly is a unique gift. I heartily recommend treating yourself to a channeling session with Malou Tan. A wonderful gift to give to yourself. Thank you so much Malou for your clarity, integrity and enthousiasm.



I would like to let you know that I really liked the session! I just listened to the recording, to write some more things down. I noticed how nice your voice is and the peace you radiate made me feel at ease. That in addition to that unique gift you are also a very nice / warm person. Very special! In fact, it immediately felt like familiar and safe!



What an experience! It was the first time I did a channeling with Malou and it was exquisite! To me, it feels like all kinds of little pieces of the puzzle are coming together. Not that I know it all, in fact not at all but it certainly helps me along my journey. It gives me confidence that I’m exactly where I need to be. As a person Malou feels so safe and warm! And as a channeler, she is just amazing. Now is the time that I will learn how to connect with my own spirits but honestly, I’m already looking forward to a new channeling session 



Malou is very finely sensitive and empathetic. From the moment I met her I felt a connection. I received a channeling session and it has given me a lot of insights and clarity. Malou translated messages from my guides and that brought me a lot of peace. The session made a big impression on me and is still felt in my daily life. Her way of channeling resonated with my inner wisdom and these have been rekindled. Malou also provides practical tools that I could integrate into my daily life. I am grateful that there are lightworkers like Malou.



On a Tuesday afternoon in December I was lovingly welcomed by Malou in her lovely home. Malou has a nice, soft and friendly energy that makes you feel right at home. After a explanation of the session, the channeling started and I listened carefully for 45 minutes to messages from my guides and from the spirit Lilith, who came to me, through Malou. Very special experience, very valuable and enlightening. After the session I have listened to the sound recording several times and every time I hear something new that I can take with me at that moment. So very valuable. Thank you Malou for opening up to me and
my counselors.



I find it hard to put into words what it did to me, but I’m going to try anyway. In a few months after the channeling there has been so much clarity about who I essentially am and where I come from, I am infinitely grateful for that.
For so long I have been lost and felt so lonely in this world and on this planet. I could feel so strongly that I’m not from here, but I couldn’t explain it.
I also didn’t feel like I could share this with family and friends, I still find that very difficult, but knowing that I’m not alone in this gives me so much confidence that that’s okay for now. Now I know what I have to do here, through your channeling, I feel like I can finally land on this planet and start LIVE (with capital letters yes). Furthermore, I feel very clearly what I no longer want and things come my way which that are nourishing for me and give me joy.
I remember very well entering the room at Holos during that 2 day breath masterclass last September and I just had to sit next to you. Then I ‘coincidentally’ heard you say something about channeling and I looked you up online. I continue to find it so special how people, events, books, information come to me, and that it all fits so well. It’s going fast and it’s a lot and I love it! Thank you Malou, for being here on earth, for moving me so much and for bringing so much love and light. You are an inspiration



The channeling with Malou was such a positive experience! I felt very safe and supported during the whole process by Malou’s calm, gentle presence. She holds space beautifully and the messages coming through from my guides were clear and resonated with me and the themes I was facing. I would happily work with her again. Thank you, Malou!!