Full moon transmission | Acceleration

Thursday 28th of January 2021

19:30 – 20:15 pm

Let’s meditate together to receive the transmission in the vibration of the Full Moon in Leo.
Guided with channeled information of the spirits with this Full Moon by Malou.

  • 30 minutes of channeled meditation to receive the moon transmission
  • 15 minutes of silence and integration
  • Message for the now from my guides

Feel welcome to join!
Please arrive before 19:25 so you can make a comfortable spot for yourself.

Out of safety & privacy Zoom will let you in the waiting room first, before you can enter the group.
I will close the group at 19:30 am, so we can meditate without interruption.

This channeled transmission comes from a light vibration of abundance from the heart.
If it was valuable for you, it’s lovely to donate ♥ Paypal or Tikkie

The transmission & channeling will be in English.
(If you prefer Dutch, don’t worry, the heart will understand what the mind can’t translate)

Link online meditation:
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