Lightcode 10th of July 2021

10th of July 2021 | New moon in Cancer | Lightcode & channeling of angels

Dear humans, we are in the middle of a shift in the human reality. We are going from a mind-space 3D energy to a heart-space 5D energy. This shift is asking a lot from humans. It is a reminder that you are the love herself. You can’t find it anywhere else, beside inside yourself. Yes, you are the source of love herself. Which will attract even more love. Our journey on Earth to find love & happiness outside our own system is an illusion. Coming home to your heart-space is your biggest gift for yourself. Realizing that you can be on holiday everyday, when coming home to yourself. Your dream life is already here, looking for you, to come home. Softly inhale and unpack all your gifts from the inside. Only if you have the true courage to look inside, it’s golden light available for you. Softly smile from the inside and The Universe will respond. You have it all already. The only thing you have to do, is to come home.