Lightcode 11th of May 2021

11th of May 2021 | New moon in Taurus | Lightcode & channeling of angels

Dear humans, life is a dance of perfection. Even when you are feeling into deep lost, pain or trauma. We want you to realize that life is perfection. Allow yourself to surrender to the moment now exactly where you are right now. Giving up all resistance to what is living inside you right now. We want to let you know that you are taking care of. We are here all the time. How life’s original state is joyful, even when you are in darkness right now. The darkness is only here to remind you of your original state of light. Allow yourself to unpack this gift of true enlightenment coming from the source inside. Ask yourself this week: Am I deeply connected with my source? Only from this ground, you can fully trust life that it will carry you on your path. Don’t you see that life works as a magnet? Life is coming to you, not the other way around. Stand with both feed on the Mother Earth. Allowing yourself only to tap from your inner source. Life will come to you. Your original vibration will attract exactly what is needed in the moment now. Trust, you are taking care of. Allow yourself to fall into alignment now.