Lightcode 13th of March 2021

13th of March 2021 | New moon in Pisces | Lightcode & channeling of the angels

Mouthmasks. There where we have no freedom, no expanded 5D love can truly flow.

5D layers of expansion are coming down to The Earth right now. Please inhale this transmission in your longs. Inhale, receive and expand. It will help you to get an overview of trust what is transforming in the world. A wider field of compassion for the ones who are still stuck in fear. The lower vibration decided to design mouth masks, to make you believe you can’t receive this transmission. Like there is fear in the air to breath in. If you are in short of breath of having feelings of suffocation when wearing your mask, then please just realize that your boundaries in beliefs are an illusion. There is no fabric what is going to stop you from breathing freely. In our mind we are suffocating, in our hearts we are free. Please inhale deeply to your heart, its here for you. Endless love.