Lightcode 14th of December 2020

13th of December 2020 | New moon in Sagittarius | Personal Lightcode ‘Transformation to the core’ for Johannes & channeling of Isis

Dear humans, 2020 was a year of clearing. Clearing your ground of old belief systems, making space for new vibrations. We are planning a New Earth for you. A New Earth, how earth is originally meant to be. A wonderful planet where nature, animals and humans live together in harmony. To see and feel that we can live from intuition. To see and feel that we can live and give from the heart. 2021 is the first year of rebuilding. Please realize that it starts with you. You are the light on which we can build. The moment you appear and you come together, you form the light of the New Earth. Look inside your heartspace what you want to create and contribute to the world. You have the key to work together. Answering the secrets of your own hearts energy will set you free from any prison you think you are living in. You are a free spirit. You always have been.

The lower energies will try to bring you down. It is your responsibility to see what is holding you back. What is blocking your own light. If it is hate or patterns of old anger. You can see that it is your responsibility to transform it back to the loving energy it once was. So look into your life, towards who do you feel anger or hate? That is your key to healing. Especially the ones you hate, need your love the most. This is how you can heal your hearts energy. So heal yourself first humans!

Invite your triggers into your life with love, so you can forgive the hate inside. Forgiveness energy is needed to heal this planet.