Lightcode 17th of September 2020

17th of September 2020 | New moon in Virgo | Lightcode & channeling of the spirits of Gaia

Dear humans, we would love to talk about pain and problems together. You on earth deal with your pain and problems in an individual way. Sometimes you are forgotten that we are a unity. The moment that there is a problem in a community we deal with it together. If you feel separated from oneness, you deal with your problems alone. We want to remind you that the moment you go into silence and you breath with all your obstacles, we are here for you. We want you to realize that you are never alone when it gets hard. The moment you go back into unity, the feeling of oneness comes back from the heart. You carry it together. This is also what earth is showing you right now. There are deep problems coming to the surface. Can we all carry it together? Can we see that we all have a responsibility to bring the love back to the pain? Help each other, its needed right now. The thing you can do to help yourself is to breath and be silent. This is also the way to help. This New Moon will bring you the awareness and clarity you need. For now, be silent and feel the blockages inside your body. Next Full Moon we come into action.