Lightcode 19th of July 2020

19th of July 2020 | New moon in Cancer | Lightcode & channeling of my guides

Dear humans, I would love to talk about DNA. Our DNA is forming us. Our DNA is shaping our body. But in your world you think that your DNA is one fixed pattern. In our world you can change your DNA by changing your energy and light. You have the capacity to change yourself. To change your energy program. There is a light bandage around your DNA which is shaping yourself. A light what listens to your heart space. That is also why falling in love is such a strong feeling. It’s opening yourself to your hearts capacity of light. This light is like a string of light around your DNA pattern. The moment you change your light, your DNA can change. That is also why you can cure your own diseases, just by changing your light. We have forgotten we have this power. Yes, sometimes you humans believe in miracles, but you have the capability to do so much more. The only thing what is stopping you, are your own beliefs. So I’m asking you, please step into your light and believe your own colors. You are so unique. Your DNA is so unique. But most of all: your light is so unique. You can change it, you can flow in it, you can appear into the world with your uniqueness. The moment you feel your life is against you, your light is getting more difficult to keep, realize that you are the only key to the solution. The moment you step into your own light, you can see that you can change. You can grow, light can expand. Expand until there is no darkness anymore. In your own light, in your own strength, is your uniqueness. Please humans, use your mind to change your believes about the power of your light. You are capable of so much more. You can shine in your uniqueness.