Lightcode 22nd of August 2021

22nd of August 2021 | Full moon in Aquarius  | Lightcode & channeling of angels

Dear humans, we want you to realize that change starts with you. The moment you realize that you are the starting point of life, you are the divine energy itself. You can truly play on this Earth. Some of you may have forgotten that you have chosen to be on Earth to experience the wide range of every frequency which is possible. You have the free will to stand still, but we ask you to dive into life to the fullest. To experience the lower vibrations of life, like: shame, guilt and fear. Or to unpack the gifts of the higher vibrations of life, like: forgiveness, unconditional love or compassion. Why? This is the game of life, this is how we ascent. By being true to our experience, we are the human experience in the divine nature itself. Don’t you see? If you make yourself the center of your hearts-energy, you will vibrate in all dimensions around you. Yes, you can choose which frequency you use. If you choose to not live your dreams, you are choosing not to experience it all. Don’t you see, you are the captain of your heart. You can always choose again.  Our advice for this moment is to experience life to the fullest. If you make decisions from your heart you will always go forward. Dive deep & fly high.