Lightcode 22nd of May 2020

22nd of May 2020 | New Moon in Gemini | Lightcode & channeling from my guides

Sometimes we have forgotten that our true wisdom is inside. That we don’t need anyones approval to say what is right for us. Somehow humans have put the true wisdom outside of themselves instead of tapping inwards. This movement going inwards again takes back the responsibility of our real actions and real dreams. The realization of that everything is possible can feel so frightening that we put away the responsibility outside of ourselves. Now is the time to see that we can fully carry this responsibility. Let no-one tell you otherwise. You can have it all. In this feeling of desire is a lot of clutter or blockage. The mind game of thinking that we can’t have it all or that we have to work so hard to have it all, is an illusion. The way we think that creation starts in the mind, in a very physical way, by building directly on the earth, is a illusion. It starts with creation from the heart, the light of innocence. It starts with innocence of feeling what you truly want and that it can all be there. You are light and you can have all the colors of the light. Somehow humans sometimes have forgotten our true light inside. You are here, you are pure, you are innocent. In this longing for more is a lot of clutter, thats why we move outside ourselves. This New Moon can help you to really feel inside, your own wisdom and your own light. Your vibration of truth. Knowing that you are strong enough to carry it yourself. To create your world from the heart. Knowing that it is already here, waiting for you to see the fullest potential of your dreams. Your light is strong enough to show it to yourself. In this light anything is possible. Are you daring to see your innocence in the desire to have it all? Your innocence is light. Shine it and you can see the world exactly as how you want it to be. The colors in the world are your own creation. Take responsibility to see your own light. Your deepest knowledge inside. The moment you inhale and realize that you carry the innocent light of truth, the innocent light of love, you realize you are the world. You are the creation. You are the Universe.