Lightcode 23rd of April 2020

23rd of April 2020 | New Moon in Taurus | Lightcode & channeling from my guides


Only one path. As a light flashes comes the realization there is only one path. No matter what choice you make, it’s always the right one. There is no bad choice in life. The moment you feel like you have taken the wrong turn in life, you will find the lessons you needed. You get everything you signed up for in life on earth. The highs and the lows, you signed up for both of them. To expand and to feel small. How the dark can only invite your innerlight to become stronger. How the darkness is only here to challenge you to believe your light is real. To expand, to experience, to form your own authentic shape. It’s here, all is here on your path. Breath and trust that everything you signed up for will unfold. Relax and take care of yourself, trust that your path is showing you the way. There is only one path. Surrender to your innervoice inside, your intuition is your compass. Let burn away old mental constructions, it will not last in The New World. Neptune, the dreamer planet, is in Pisces. How are dreams take form in our feelings first. How do we deeply feel what we really need, how we deeply feel what we really want in life.

It’s so simple. It is. Here inside yourself.