Lightcode 24th of July 2021

24th of July 2021 | Full moon in Aquarius | Lightcode & channeling of angels

Dear humans, we ask you to be patient, because your vibration is rising in the ascension proces. The world around you is rising in a different speed then you. Humans ascent first before the rest of the world responds. The moment you start entering the New Earth and allowing yourself the highest vibrations your body & light will change first. Some of you are afraid of all the changes in the outside world. We ask you to trust your rebellious energy. Yes, your visionary mind is needed to see & build the New Earth. All will be build from a place of love vibrations. Can you imagine how much needs to be broken down first? Yes, your new energy is needed to make the first steps. Your hearts energy is so needed. The moment you ascent, the world ascents. On human levels we ask you not to be afraid for change. The moment you raise your vibration, your outer world may not respond immediately in a bright way. Why? Duality is still flowing on Earth. We ask you to trust your light, to trust your highest vibrations of love. This will make you stronger. Yes, we are doing this together. Ask us for help and we are here to guide you. Trust & work from the inside out. If you could just see the world as we can see it already, you would dance & smile already! Be light!