Lightcode 24th of June 2021

24th of June 2021 | Full moon in Capricorn | Lightcode & channeling of angels

Dear humans, how to deal with darkness? Or as we say: How do we dance with the darkness? For humans it easy to judge that love & light is good or trauma & pain is bad. I want you to realize that life is a dance of light and dark. We are here to experience life, without any judgement. If we can love the darkness as much as we love the light, life can become so much easier. We want to prepare you for this ascension wave that the duality on earth is going to be even stronger. Yes, you are going to ascend in light, to a higher vibration. This makes the human body such an interesting instrument to help the world ascend. So I would like you to realize that the moment the darkness will get more space, your lightness also will get way more space. Please forgive the darkness for being so low in energy. It is here to challenge us to become even lighter. Forgiveness energy is such a high vibration. The moment we look into the darkness and we forgive, when we find it’s source of pain, we can truly love even deeper. The moment you realize that you have the key to use forgiveness energy, you have the true key to love. Softly inhale and feel that you always have a choice, to choose from a place of love and forgiveness. You are the source.