Lightcode 26th of May 2021

26th of May | Full moon in Sagittarius & lunar eclipse | Lightcode & channeling of angels

Dear humans, we want to thank you for all your amazing work. We want to shine some light on your heavy shadow work. Gratefulness starts here, for not ignoring the shadow sides any longer. Only with this awareness you can truly accept the lightness coming in. Working with your own shadows and bringing forgiveness energy to the core is a deep form of doing the work. Forgiving the shadow in others is the start of the New Earth. This is intense work, so we want you to realize that self care is needed in those times. Make sure that you always tune in with your body. What do you need? What do you need to accept in your receiving channel?

You are able to receive help from us as well. Especially when you are feeling and clearing in darker vibrations. We offer our help, so please invite us with doing the work. We want to help on your invitation, also on the difficult matters where you are afraid that change is not going to come. The moment somebody is stuck in patterns, ask us to help to bring some extra light and forgiveness. Our vibration can help others to transform their darkness into movement. So it can slowly transform into the light.

So our main message is that you never have to do it alone, we are here to help you. We are offering our light to amplify your strength. We thank you so much, gratefulness is coming from us.