Lightcode 27th of February 2021

27th of February 2021 | Full moon in Virgo | Lightcode & channeling of the angels

Dear humans, this is an important day to remember your uniqueness. Yes, you are human, yes your consciousness is partly on earth. Today you have the unique possibility to be complete with all. You will remember what lightbeing you truly are. This will give you the trust to really dive into yourself. Yes, to remember your soul contract, to see what you are here to do on Earth.  Please take some time for yourself to radiate, so close to your own source. Eat light, feel the joy to dance, just relax and turn inwards. Today you can explore the light around your heart area. Just because we finally remember who we truly are, we can move forward. We are meant to be active, not reactive. Active from our own source. This deepest instinct is your truth. Allow yourself to say yes to life!