Lightcode 28th of March 2021

28th of March 2021 | Full moon in Libra | Lightcode & channeling of the angels

Dear humans, we want to start with a message that you are never alone. We are so close, if you could only know. We are following your process even at the darkest times. If you could just see us, then you would truly feel that you are also here to receive the light which already is here available to you. Yes, this is a turning point in life, now you have the opportunity to choose to work from love, because you are made to love. Humans are capable of so much love. We have just forgotten how strong this love can actually be. You are so afraid of rejection, that our love isn’t seen. The first step is to see that we have this great power on the inside. Yes, we are the master of our own source. We must see our light first for ourselves. Then we will remember why we are here on Earth. We are here to love. Yes capable of so much love to help the other, to help the Earth. In us is the deepest source of love.

In this vibration you need to realize, that you are already complete. You are just unpacking yourself. The moment you realize that you can receive a bread from your baker to eat and feel your body, it is an act of true love. We have just forgotten how to put our love into our work. That is why it is so important that we can feel our source in our work. Yes, you are responsible to choose your work from your source. So your love flow can go to the other into the world. Yes, in this act of kindness we can feel our deepest truth. The moment we give our light from our source away, we are complete.