Lightcode 2nd of August 2020

2nd of August 2020 | Full moon in Aquarius | Lightcode & channeling of the spirits of Gaia.

Dear humans, you are doing great work, I am proud of all your ascending work. We see that things are changing, we see that the hearts are ascending. The heart is opening up and changes flow from that. But at this time it’s also a good reminder to not forget the mind. The mind needs ascending as well. How narrowing thoughts can hold you down. How narrowing beliefs can stop you from doing what you need to do. So please humans also bring light to your minds. What do you believe, what do you see and feel from the mind? It’s an important thing not to forget to use your mind in the light way. Keeping your mind in the dark, will only create more darkness. Invite the mind into the light as well and you will feel the expanding of the ascension for your whole system as promised. Living only from the heart will make you clueless what to do. So that’s why the mind is also needed. How are you going to put your hearts-work literally on the earth? Let your mind ascent and work for you. Breath and give it light.

So I would love to talk about religions. Religions is a form of narrow thoughts which can not hold any longer in the 5D world. Keeping your mind into a religion will keep you away from your own truth. There is just one belief which the mind produces which is something we hold onto into the 3D world: We need something else besides ourselves.
Please humans, believe and tap into your own truth. See that you are free. You don’t need anyone else belief but your own. You are light and you are carrying the light of truth inside yourself. Your mind can help you to see that. Don’t you realize that you mind is the gateway to seeing your truth.