Lightcode 2nd of September 2020

2nd of September 2020 | Full moon in Pisces | Lightcode & channeling of my guides

Dear Humans, the upcoming two days you can feel us more clear inside your space. The moment you open yourself up more to the connection with us, you can feel that you can really trust us to help you guiding you. It’s a two way street. Somehow you have the ability to help us here on earth. We can help you with advice from The Universe. So make sure you see us, hear us. We will connect to you through a strong feeling from the heart. So make sure you connect to your heartspace those upcoming days. 

We also talk a lot in light language. The moment you see the light inside yourself or outside on the earth, it has a meaning. The only thing you have to do, is just make sure you let the light in. You can hear our message inside your heartspace. So we will play with you, we will show you rainbows when you don’t expect them. We will show you sunshine, when you don’t expect it. Let the light fall in. Into your heartspace and the information will flow from itself to you. Dear humans, please connect with us. Make space inside your heart.