Lightcode 30th of December 2020

30th of December 2020 | Full moon in Cancer | Lightcode & channeling of my guides

Dear humans, the time is now to create. Not specifically in the 3D world already, but to give your inner creativity a platform in the 5D world.
YES we are creating, but NO we will not see the results of this yet. Do not be impatient. You need this time to experience creation without boundaries. To realize that you can think outside the box, to find out that there is no box at all. The world is yours and the world is waiting for you. Can you see that your creativity is a part of the puzzle we need for the New World?

Please start creating by only giving your inner child some space. Yes we can learn so much from children. The way they see the world in a limitless way. We can learn from this attitude of life, we can do everything. We can create everything, but before it shows up in the 3D world we have to make sure that it builds up from our deepest ground of love. The New Earth will only vibrate with love. So old ‘NO’s’ coming from fear, will not vibrate with life anymore. Old pains wil not vibrate with life anymore. That is why we need you to be an adult for your innerchild. To see what doesn’t work anymore. To see where we can still create more space to enter the new.

You are needed, but I want you to create in the 5D layer first. Be clear about your intentions. You are full of love, draw all your plans with love.