Lightcode 30th of November 2020

30th of November 2020 | Full moon in Gemini | Lightcode & channeling of my guides

Dear humans, sometimes your outer world needs to darken first, before you decide to turn inwards. How your own light inside your space is effortlessly bright. I would love that you stop following the crowd and start checking in with yourself. The only wisdom you need is inside your own source. Please don’t forget that you are ‘The Universe’ itself. All the light for your own path comes from the source itself. 
This crisis needs love as a medicine. But true love can not be given if it is dark inside. We need to start listening to the source. How the source of selflove can help us heal from the inside. How our light is effortless en bright and will be connected to the whole. Yes we are all part of a team, but first we must discover our own unique light. Humans I want you to see that it starts with YOU. True change starts with you.