Lightcode 5th of July 2020

5th of July 2020 | Full moon in Capricorn | Lightcode & channeling of Spirits of the Earth

Dear humans, you are spending your whole life working on the question: how to deal with your shit? How do you deal with your problems? You have forgotten that you are standing on earth and that your problems can just be released into the earth. Somehow you are holding onto the problems you have. So it can regenerate into something new. The moment you realise that you are light and free, problems can no longer be held in your energetic system. It just isn’t a problem anymore. So be like air: fresh and light. Problems will not stay in your light. Yes, it is that simple. Don’t you realise that Gaia can hold so much of your shit? The moment you release and exhale anything you want to let go of your energetic system, the earth will attract it. It will take it in and transmute it into new energy for the earth. Have you forgotten that you are putting shit on the earth to make it fertile again? This is the same concept. It is the only thing that we feel resistance for, is that we are seeing the issues as negative. So the moment you see your problems with a positive attitude, you realise it is just challenges in life. Positive problems are no longer problems. Positive challenges are here to make you grow. They are here to multiply your light. Something that you have signed up for. Every life has different challenges. So give up your resistance for problems. This is exactly what you have chosen for. Take this challenge and transmute it into light. Please take responsibility for your attitude in life. Feed yourself with positivity and light. Your problems will fade away, just because it became a challenge. An opportunity to grow, a feeling of light to expand. Yes life is basically fun and light. The earth is a place to enjoy, not to suffer in problems. So dear humans, change your attitude to me. I will carry your problems and you will take care of me.