Lightcode 5th of June 2020

5th of June 2020 | New Moon in Sagittarius & Lunar eclipse | Lightcode & channeling from alien guides

Compassion is the highest vibration of sharing in love. It lives in you in a full and open heart. Can you feel plenty of love for yourself so it can overflow to others? Everyone has their own treasure in the heart. It’s so unique, you can’t compare it with others. Built up in many detailed layers of light and colors. Compassion is a form of love where you share your treasure of love without giving it away. Opening the doors of your heart to just show your light.

People who tend to -over- give in daily life, can get worn out by giving all the love away. It’s a fine balance of trusting your own treasure to be good enough to just be shown, instead of giving it’s worth away. The moment you feel the deepest worth of your presence, there is no jealousy of treasures of others. You are an unique being. Opening the heart and just shining who you are is enough, so people can feel your vibration of love. Pure love vibration just flows from the heart, endlessly, so everyone can enjoy your 5D energy.

Trust your own heart’s worthiness, it’s magic.
You are here to shine.
You are here with a specific reason.
To discover and reveal your own treasure in all its colors.
To just be YOU.

We are one, admire each others treasure.