Lightcode 7th of May 2020

7th of May 2020 | Full Moon in Scorpio | Lightcode & channeling from my guides

We came to a point of no-return. This is a time for change. The deepest vibration of change is entering our system. The vibration of fear is actually quite close to the vibration of pure enthusiasm. Sometimes we are very focused on just the fear-side of the coin. This means that new life energy / new enthusiasm doesn’t get enough of our attention. This new life force energy is the source of showing how we really are in our fullest potential. Sometimes we forget that we can choose to flip the coin. To see the life force in the thrill of fear. Suppressing our fears also means suppressing our natural life energy. The moment you choose no longer to resist this vibration of change, you can totally accept all sides of the coin. The source of life energy can flow in all her forms. You are needed right now. You can contribute right now with all your qualities. You knew this moment was coming for you, we just had to wait for this new energy wave to come to earth. It’s time to choose for change. Make decisions for your higher self. What is good for our soul path? We are used to work SO hard, but this is going to upgrade. Work will flow effortless, when you work from your soul path. It’s almost like it doesn’t cost you any energy. You will become yourself to the fullest, you take your space to become big. It’s not like the old ‘think big’ but it’s a new ‘feel big’. The new manifesting energy is putting ourself on number one while realizing that we are all one. In the old world we did put ourself on number one and forgot about the rest. Now it is the time to realize that when we love ourselves we can open ourself for the memory of that we are all love. You are light and your friends carry also the same light. When we look at our body we see flesh and bones, now we remember to feel that our energy-body is actually pure gold. When we tune into our higher self we will remember our greatest potential of full love flow. We are already complete. We will remember what we came here to do in the collaboration of light. It’s golden inside us what will overflow to the world. In remembering we are pure gold.