Lightcode 8th of August 2021

8th of August 2021 | New moon in Leo & Lion’s gate portal | Lightcode & channeling of angels

Dear humans, we want to you to realize that the whole heart is needed to do the work. Yes your whole heart also included your hidden parts in the shadow. Lion’s gate portal is a great opportunity to invite the whole heart. Why? The moment you return to your own power, your innerfire, your full heart can safely be open. This transmission is opening up your ability to go to higher timelines. Which means that if you weren’t aware of your full hearts power in other timelines, you now have the opportunity to heal in multidimensional levels. Yes, opening your heart fully to yourself first, will remind you of it’s greatness of her power. This realization is quite important, because the moment NOW is connected with all timelines. So the healing you are allowing to unfold in this life, is healing for other lifelines connected to the heart as well. Do you realize how powerful this gift is? Allow yourself to be fully alive from the heart. Your innerfire will give you the confidence to connect with this powerful energy. Allow yourself to find trust in your heart’s energy.