Lightcode of 11th of February 2021

11th of February 2021 | New moon in Aquarius | Lightcode & channeling of the guides

Dear humans, I would love to talk about your manifestations in the old world. A lot of manifestations were built on the wishes to earn money. The flow of money is an ending energy flow, never your first step. That is also why money in The New Earth becomes less important. Yes your hearts quality will be the first flow of manifestation. So we are going to manifest from abundance hearts energy. This unique quality from the center of the heart has the power of healing. That is why some bakers just make amazing bread, which heal your hunger from the inside. That is why some builders build amazing houses, which heal your feelings of unsafety from the inside.

Don’t you understand that when we create from this center space, every vibration can be a healing power for the New Earth.

This is also why manifesting from the hunger of money will not last. The creation will not give you the satisfaction you are looking for. If you don’t start from your own source of unique healing vibration your inner fire will not burn. Only with your inner fire burning, you will experience true aliveness. This is the true abundance. Without this fire you will not truly live in abundance.