Lightcode of 13th of January 2021

13th of December 2021 | New moon in Capricorn | Lightcode & channeling of the guides

Dear humans, you have arrived at an interesting point in the evolution of the human being. You now have the ability to shift in the different dimensions just by following your intentions. So yes you might be at work in the 3 dimensional world, you also have the option to shift to higher dimensions too. 

To create from this 5D love energy and to bring it to the world is a new step in evolution of human capability. I want you to be aware of this power inside. 

It also means that starting changes for the greater good can come from shifting realities. First we create in the 5 dimensional world, before it can manifests in the 3 dimensional world. Yes this can bring, pure joy to the Earth! When you decide to only work from the hearts energy space, you bring it’s pure love energy down to the Earth. This is a guaranty for succes for your manifestations. You will not see the results immediately in the material world, but working with the 5D energy will bring trust. 

So please trust your own hearts energy, it will do good for the world. Yes it will pay off in love and contribute for the transformation on Earth. So dear humans, I’m really going to ask you to shift even more. Yes you are already working with this, but it can be even more consciously.  I’m going to ask you in your meditation to ask yourself in which layer are you working right now? You have the choice to go higher and bring the love energy to Earth.