Lightcode of 28th of January 2021

28th of January 2021 | Full moon in Leo | Lightcode & channeling of the guides

Dear humans, we are going from fighting energy into loving energy. Yes, we are going from being a soldier to being a light warrior. Which means that I’m going to ask you to put your swords down. The moment your opponent stabs you, you actually let your sword down. You open your heart and show your light. Nothing is stronger then the light inside your heart. Maybe you can’t see yet, there where there is no awareness there can’t be love & light. So yes we must try to forgive the ones who are still sleeping. The only thing we can do is: bring awareness to the places where there isn’t any yet. So yes I’m asking you to use your voice as your weapon. Speak up and bring awareness!

Your light will shine in dark corners. Your light will shine on your opponent. It may not change immediately but I want you to realize that your light is so much stronger with your love inside. True love inside means: please forgive, please forgive the source of the hate. Behind all the hate in the world is old pain. Old pain that didn’t get the love that was needed to heal. Earth has a lot of wounds of pain. Yes the general energy wants to fight first before it can heal. 

You can help with your light, to forgive and send love to the collective pain. This returning back to its hearts fire, this base of no judgement. Please always return back to this source. Fighting will fall away when you just use your voice from your own source.