New Moon meditation | Unfolding

New Moon meditation | Unfolding
24th of January 2020
19:30 – 21:00
Leaf & Stone by Malou Tan

Would you love to experience how the energy of the moon can enhance your life?
By tuning into our own life-force energy, we can feel the flow of shakti coursing trough our body.
Through the magical practice of meditation we open our system to the energy of this New Moon in Aquarius. This Aquarius moon’s theme centers around ‘Unfolding’ and the first new moon of the new year. It’s also known as ‘the moon of soft opening’.
As this moon coincides with the opening of the Aquarius season, themes from realm of the subconscious are brought to the surface as well.
In meditation, we will feel into the seeds we planted in 2019 who are ready to blossom.
On the 24th of January, we will explore the power of crystal meditation.
If you are curious what crystal energy can do for your energetic system, please bring your favorites.
This circle will create the perfect practice to connect with your intentions of innergrowth.
Feel welcome at Leaf & Stone.
To register your spot, please send an email to:
Entrance fee: 10,-
Address: Noordeinde 36a The Hague
Doors open: 19:15 (allow some time to create a comfortable spot for yourself)
Meditation & practice: 19:30 – 20:30
Tea & sharing: 20:30 – 21:00

Illustration: Malou Tan
Facebook event: Here