New moon transmission | Priorities

Thursday the 22nd of December 2022
Online on Youtube 17:00

Let’s meditate together to receive the transmission in the vibration of the New Moon in Capricorn.
Guided with channeled information of the Council of Light with this New Moon by Malou.


What is a transmission?
A transmission is an incoming energy flow of higher vibrations.
We can open our energetic systems for these information flows.
A transmission does not speak to us in a language that the ego can understand.
It connects directly to our original hearts energy, so we can remember our inner source.
By opening yourself up to the transmission, you can surrender to the higher vibrations and integrate it into your system.
Energies with a lower vibration like pain or trauma, are receiving the light to transmute.
By doing so, we can experience a sense of wholeness of our soul <3


Feel free to listen and receive this transmission online!
This week I have eye surgery, so I will upload the New moon transmission on Thursday.

  • 30 minutes of channeling to receive the moon transmission
  • 9 minutes of silence and integration
  • Message for the now from my guides

I will ask the Council of Light to channel one day before, so I can record it on time.


Donation to charity
This channeled transmission comes from a light vibration of abundance from the heart.
If it was valuable for you, it’s lovely to donate an angel number for the energy exchange € 11,11 / €12,12 / € 22,22 / € 33,33  etc.

Like every year, I will donate the money of the last transmission of the year to charity of the homeless.
Let’s share in abundance to the ones who don’t have the basic needs in life ♥


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Link online transmission 
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