Tandava | Finding your flow in meditation

Tandava workshop at Delight Yoga The Hague
Finding your flow in meditation

26 oktober 2019 | 13:30 – 16:00

Discover new ways in your meditation practice. This workshop helps you to slow down and to get back in touch with your inner sensitivity. Different breathing exercises can help you to feel on a deeper level. A way to explore what’s happing inside yourself and to feel the space around you.

Tandava is a slow moving meditation from the Kasjmir Shaivism, a non dual philosophy from the tantric tradition. It’s also called ‘the dance of Shiva’

Being sensitive to your innerspace and the space around you can make you feel fluid inside your body, so all energies can flow freely from your source. It creates a fine resonance between both worlds, so it might even feel like the seperation flows away. Resting in just being, breathing into your energy, making your breath move your body into freedom.

Just notice how experiences show up and disappear again. Without holding onto something, without blocking something. Moving from a place exactly where you are right now.

Clarity in an open consciousness
Fully surrendered to your deepest flow
How your pure power can unfold in a being of relaxation

You are everything, the space is everything, all is one Surrender to the dance of shiva & shakti
Fully present in the dance of life energy

Location: Delight Yoga, Scheveningse weg 14 The Hague
Please bring comfortable clothes
Tickets: 35,- find the link here