The Great Conjunction | Channeling & meditation

Monday 21st of December 2020
19:30 – 20:15 am
Let’s meditate together while we celebrate ‘The Great Conjunction’!
Jupiter and Saturn are moving into zero degrees of Aquarius.
This bright ‘Christmas Star’ event brings us new visions of life.
Aquarius brings fast changes for our future, so we can act for the greater cause.
Are you ready to open up for this shift?
Guided with channeled information of the spirits with this special event by Malou.

  • 30 minutes of channeled meditation
  • 15 minutes of silence and flow
  • Message for the now from my guides

Feel welcome to join!
Please arrive before 19:25 so you can make a comfortable spot for yourself.

Out of safety & privacy Zoom will let you in the waiting room first, before you can enter the group.
I will close the group at 19:30 am, so we can meditate without interruption.

This channeled meditation comes from a light place of abundance from the heart.
If it was valuable for you, it’s possible to donate ♥ Paypal or Tikkie

The meditation & channeling will be in English.
(If you prefer Dutch, don’t worry, the heart will understand what the mind can’t translate)

Link online meditation:
Zoom meditation